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  • katerennie4

    It could be that there's an NPE, or it could be that your DNA simply hasn't mutated at the expected rate. One family project I'm in, we are having a heck of a time understanding how two families with different surnames are so closely related to one another (some exact 67/67 matches) when we know the connection is definitely pre-1650 and likely pre-surnames based on the number of subjects tested and their varied origins.

    The 65/67 match should definitely be looked into though. NPE's were common enough that it should always be checked as the likely possibility first.

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  • Mlawton
    Chris, I don't have any advice since I am too new to this and have questions of my own. But I am interested in any answers. To clarify, it seems that with regards to Question 2:

    You, Chris Robson match Stafford with 35/37 markers. One Stafford ancestor, John, has ties to the Robson family in the form of maternal uncle. However, by rights, that maternal tie should not affect your YDNA results. So, assuming that you definitely are related to Captain Robson (by paper trail?), you are wondering why your Ydna would match to Stafford?

    One answer might be that Captain Robson had a child whom he gave to his sister, Mary Robson Stafford to an adoption event. Not too uncommon an event of those times. Perhaps Captain Robson's wife died and he gave the child to his sister to raise.

    That would make much more sense to me than hanky panky between Captain Robson and ??? Surely not his sister!!...

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  • Chrisrob
    started a topic DNA Match

    DNA Match

    Hello Everyone

    A while ago I had a Y-DNA test to 67 markers.

    From this I received a number of matches and I am very interested in 2 of them:

    1. 67 markers match with a genetic difference of 2. This person had a genetic difference of 1 with me at the 37 marker level.

    Would this mean we should have the same surname?

    So far we have been unable to establish a link.

    2. 37 markers match with another person with a genetic difference of 2.

    Would this also mean we should have the same surname?

    A link has been established with this one. A ancestor of the person I matched with was John Stafford born in 1767 Taylors Island, Maryland. He was in the Militia and a document we have found shows his commanding officer was Captain Joseph Robson and further to that his mother was a sister of Captain J R. I have found that his mother was Mary Robson.

    The family tree info I have seen on John Stafford shows his ancestors as Staffords going back some time.

    I am a Robson back to when time began so any surname changes must be with the people I have matched with.

    I understand Y-DNA cannot be transferred through through a female and from that I suspect the DNA test casts doubt on who John Staffords father was.

    Interestingly the family of the match I have at 67 markers has been traced back to 1810 in West Virginia.

    A wild guess is that Captain Joseph Robson has been fooling around. I have been able to find information on the decendants of Captain J R but nothing much on his parents and/or siblings yet.

    Thank you very much for looking at this and I look forward to any advice.