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Admixtures and Y-DNA

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  • Admixtures and Y-DNA

    Do Admixtures help to find your Y-DNA path across the world?

    I am T1b with long time ancestors in the eastern alps, I know that T is west-asian ( southern caspian sea area), but I did my admixture with results of
    35% Northeast europe
    15% Central europe
    5% North baltic
    etc etc

    Are these admixtures worthwhile in determining your journey

    Note: last 5 generation have green eyes in males - I might have some siberian.??

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    No. Y-DNA is passed from father to son largely unchanged. It can remain unchanged for generations. It is unaffected by admixing new populations into the gene pool.


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      I find it very strange that since 90% of the world derived from haplogroup F which broke apart forming all haplogroups between G to T , that an admixture does not represent anything in regards to the journey of your specific marker.

      When we replaced the neaderthals in europe and anatolia, did we march in as a divided haplogroup ( ie, I, R, G, E, T, N etc ) or only as F or K?

      While i agree there are areas "of creations" of Haplogroups, there must be some that made the journey along with others to eventually form their haplogroup which continued from son to son to present day. As an example, who is not to say that the norewegian Q group of people did not form in Norway or along the road to Norway instead of asia, there is over 4% there.