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  • How close a match?

    My husband has a 67 marker match, it's a 2 step match. I put my husband in this match's surname project. This particular match is also a match on the 37 marker and then on the 25 marker he's a one step match.

    My question is: how close of a match might this gentleman be? He's not taken the FF test at all so that is out. I ask because my husband is adopted and out of his 67 markers - this one gentleman is his closest.

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    Originally posted by RondaMiller View Post
    how close of a match might this gentleman be?
    A Y-DNA match listed on your FTDNA page has a TiP icon next to it.

    Clicking that for your close match should give a good estimate.

    Since the matched person is adopted (assumed to mean without knowledge of his biological father), you should not increase the "1" in the box on the page.


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      Just did that - looks like we're looking at 10 generations back. This particular surname has a strong presence here where we live, so I am going to do more digging - it is possible I may have finally uncovered his birth name. I'll see where this leads too, thank you.


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        Look again... a 65/67 is AT MOST 10 generations. There was even a confirmed cases of a son 65/67 match with his biological father. Now that's very very rare but possible. Just for another comparison I have 5th cousin twice removed who matches me 66/67.

        A 65/67 match for anyone adopted is like hitting the jackpot!! Congratulation and I wish you the best of luck find the match genealogically.


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          Thank you. A funny thing happened after I added his name to this surname group: it has a very nice Patriarch Listing, not all of the Patriarch's share the same haplogroup - I found a line of mine that of my 11th Great Grandfather.

          It's a small world, you never know sometimes where you will find clues concerning family connections.


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            Hi all

            I am new to this forum so I not sure if this is the right place for my article.

            I have done a 37 marker and so far I am confirmed T1b ( L131+) and at the moment awaiting results for L446 SNP test.
            I have no matches at either 37 or 25 and only some very distant similar markers with about 9 people ( ususally alpine , southern germany or british isles), my ancestors come from NorthEast Italy.

            The question are
            1 - should I upgrade to a 67 marker or is it a waste of time with my T marker.

            2 - would doing an admixture test help to define possible relations via geography