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  • Rhodes50

    I am afraid this is a very dumb question but I haven't been able to figure it out on my own. I submitted my cousin's DNA for a 67 marker test. We came up with 4 matches, all tested with 67 markers. I don't understand what a "step" is. Of our matches, two show 4 steps, one shows 6 steps, one shows 7 steps. The "tip" score for three of them is similar but the one with 6 steps has a much lesser probability. I have contacted all four; so far, only two have responded but they each had similar migration paths to our ancestor. One of the two, however, is the one with the least probability. Would appreciate some help understanding the "steps" the definition of which I can't find anywhere.

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    Hi Rhodes50,

    Steps, or "genetic distance", is the difference in the actual 67 marker results. If on one marker you have the value 15 and another person has the value 14 or 16, that is one step. You can see these values under Y-DNA -> Standard Y-STR Results".