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Anyone with Russian ancestry have success?

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    Yes, demonstrates that Russia has excellent specialists and enthusiasts in DNA genealogy.

    Right now there was discussion about DNA testing in the forum of Byelorussian nobility, hopefully some participants of this forum will order tests when specials will be available.

    Checks are not common in Russia, but there are a number of ways for sending money from Russia like Western Union.

    By the way, it might be interesting to note that many goods in Russia, such as mobile phone calls or Internet access, are much cheaper than in the West. I guess this is possible and profitable for its providers because there is a huge market there. If FTDNA would have its representative there offering lower rates for tests and helping sending test kits (or testing them on the spot), it might make a profit and many of us would benefit from it!


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      Originally posted by lgmayka View Post
      What kind of relationship between sites were you hoping for? The participants of make plenty of use of FTDNA testing. In fact, when another DNA forum suddenly disappeared, created an English-language subforum ( as a substitute.

      I wish I could transfer my DNA results/information to a Russian-based DNA testing site. Maybe I will get better matches there. I have so many more matches with another DNA testing company than FamilyTreeDNA, but FamilyTreeDNA has the vast majority on DNA testing. It's strange.