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  • need some help

    I recieved my husbands test (Y-36, Ie). I have looked and read what I could find but am still confused. My husband's grandfather was adopted. I am hoping to try and find possible surnames.
    I have recieved what looks like good matches but need to know some things.

    He has a match at 4 generations - 68%.
    How can I figured this in relation to my husband? Would 68% be 1st cousins at the 4th generation (grandfathers)?

    Secondly, when I change the marker numbers (12-24-36) the percentages changes, why?

    I would appreciate any help, PLEASE!!

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    Well there are people here more knowledgeable than me.
    Where,at what marker level are these matches occurring?
    How many matches at 12 marker?
    A 12 marker match is not useful ,in of itself, because so many people can match at 12 markers. The next level, 24 marker match, is a bit more useful and lastly a 36 marker match is far more meaningful. However even then a match at 36 marker can almost disappear at 67 markers.
    I would know I have something in common with someone if say I had a 1 or 2 marker mismatch at a 67 marker level test.