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    I was very excited when the first few results started coming back from my Y-111 test. I have received results back up to marker 60 now. Still waiting on the last few markers to come in so I can see if I match any new people at the 67 marker level.

    There were 63 matches at the 12 marker level. 56 with a distance of 0 and the remainder with a distance of 1. No one with my surname, though.

    The 25 marker level cut my matches down to 20. Three at a distance of 0, two at a distance of 1, and the remainder at a distance of 2. Again, none with my surname.

    The 37 marker level left me with only 7 matches. None exact, 1 at a distance of 1, 1 at GD 3, and 5 at GD 4. Again, none with my surname. At this point I'm starting to think NPE somewhere along the route.

    Surnames of those matches at 37 markers include Bryan, Davis, Everett, Frazier, Kirby and Rielly. I most closely match the Rielly.

    From what I can tell, 36/37 with the same surname is a bell ringer for relationship in a genealogical time frame, but with different surnames what does it mean?

    I contacted the Rielly surname project, as I don't seem to fit in the Ellis surname project. I had hoped that even if there was an NPE, at 37 markers I would have a clear indication of what the surname of my paternal line was.

    With the additional markers up to 60, it would appear that I do not fit in the Rielly group either. So now I am wondering, where could I go from here?

    Note: I have also since ordered a deep clade test to give me more information to work with.

    Thanks for reading.

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    I think the deep clade was an excellent choice.
    Many have groups associated with them which can be quite helpful.
    There are quite a few of us who have no exact matches at any marker level.
    so I think the odds are good of understanding your ancestry eventually


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      Thanks for the vote of confidence in the deep clade test.

      I received my 67 marker results. I have no matches at 67 markers. Not even 7 steps away. It would appear that my branch is either very small, or my cousins have not done dna testing. Here's to hope for the future.


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        Have you uploaded your results to You might pick up a match there.

        You didn't mention if your Rielly match had tested beyond 37 markers. If not, you might persuade him to kick it up to 67 markers and see if you're still close. You did say that you don't seem to fit in the Rielly group, but I don't know if you're referring to this specific person or the group as a whole. Does your Rielly match fit in the Rielly group?

        As you said, it's possible that the right people just haven't tested yet. And NPEs are always possible.


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          Hi elliswr,

          My first experience with Y-DNA was similar to yours. I started with 1300+ 12 marker matches, decided to upgrade and then had 250+ 25 marker matches, 4 37 marker matches and no 67 marker matches. At this point, one option is to just wait, but I decided that was not for me. I joined a haplogroup project to learn and have fun with the deep ancestry part of Y-DNA. It might not help me in finding close ancestors but I find it really interesting. I also searched the internet for the names of men along my paternal line to see if there were anybody out there looking for the same people as I was looking for. And now I'm waiting for the Y-DNA results of a descendant of my 3x great grandfather. If you don't have any matches, make some!
          Oh, and waiting paid off too! I got a 37 marker match with a GD of one that turned out to GD of two over 67 markers. That person has an NPE 130 years back, so we're currently working together to find out how we're connected.

          Good luck!