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R-L21* Understanding Deep Clade Results

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  • R-L21* Understanding Deep Clade Results

    Hey guys,

    I'm quite new to genographic testing, and have a few questions regarding recent deep clade results, or lack there of as it may be. I've just more or less completed a deep clade test which confirmed R-L21 but turned out negative for all of the major subclades downstream, except M37 which is still pending but looks highly unlikely.

    So far testing has brought on many more questions than it has answered. It has confirmed at least one NPE and quite possibly more to come. As I understand it, R-L21 is quite a large clade that covers all of western europe. Most of my matches at 12 markers have surnames that reflect a Highland Scottish origin, but I didnt match any of the major subclades found in Scotland or Northern Ireland so far as I can tell. I have very few matches above 12 markers, a few at 25 and 37 and one -7 at 67 markers. All of them have different surnames. I have heard that my 3rd great grandfather was fathered by a Nobles but somehow got the name Murphy, and did match a Nobles perfectly at 37 markers, but he has been unable to trace his genealogy back past 1800 and the US. Its likely that Nobles was an adopted name as well.

    I'm hoping to narrow my origins down a bit more and be able to pinpoint a round-a-bout area that my more recent ancestors may have lived. Looking at surname matches it seems I have a North-East Scotland origin but I'm just trying to make an educated guess. Is it a common occurance for someone to be R-L21+ and not fit the downstream clades? Can anyone advise the next round of testing I should look in to? My ysearch profile is Z3PG5.

    Thanks much!
    Daniel Murphy

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    I would suggest joining the L21 plus project if you haven't done so already.
    They also have a yahoo group associated with the project which is a very knowledgable place to ask your question.
    There are some L21's , such as myself, that have no downstream SNP 's and with zero matches.