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  • YDNA Release Form for Donor

    Hello, I cannot find the answer to this anywhere in the FAQ so I apologize if it has been answered elsewhere. My only male relative (1st cousin) has agreed to donate dna for the YDNA test. There is a release form that comes with the kit that gives permission for name and email to be made available, but other than the sample, he does not want to be involved. All contact and email will be mine and I purchased the kit. Can I sign the release online and tell him he doesn't have to sign it? He has privacy concerns. Also, he lives in another city so I will not be handling the kit at all. He will donate the dna and mail the kit back himself. Does he still need to sign the release form with the kit?

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    The donor of the DNA needs to sign the form. Once the kit has been returned for processing you can change all contact information to your information.


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      Once the kit has been returned for processing, I think that the owner of the account can "sign" the online release form. As you say, the account has your email address, not that of the donor, so you should be the one to give permission for its release.

      The obvious precedent for this is a transfer from National Geographic, which is handled entirely online, including the email release permission.


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        Since it will be your email address on the account, maybe if he understands that he will never receive emails about the test, he might be willing to sign the release.

        You can also change the snail mail address on the account to your own after he submits the sample to further protect his privacy, although you might want to wait to make sure FTDNA can process the sample. I even have a few people in my projects who have changed the name of the person tested to something like "relative of ..." or simply change it to their own name.

        Good luck!