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  • Dys464

    Just got back the results of my Y-67 upgrade, and my closest match is someone who has only tested to 37 markers. We have a 36/37 match.

    Since I was adopted and don't know my father's surname, I am hopeful that there is a good possibility it was similar to that of my 36/37 match. According to the "TiP" which shows the probability of various genetic distances between us, there is a 56% chance we share a common ancestor in the last 4 generations, 86% chance in the last 8 generations, and so on.

    But my question has to do with the one marker, DYS464, where our difference shows up. I know this marker is duplicated at four locations, hence the four numbers that appear there. I've read this is the most polymorphic marker, or the one that changes most quickly across generations. Some companies apparently don't even use this marker to determine time to most recent common ancestor.

    So can I infer from this that since the one marker that is different is part of this polymorphic DYS464, that the most recent common ancestor with my match may be closer than indicated by the "TiP"? Is this one value out of four equivalent to one fourth of a marker? Or is it best not to attempt to read much into it?

    My match has only done the Y-37 test and not FamilyFinder. Would it be a good strategy to have him do FamilyFinder to see if we are close or not, or would it be better to test more Y markers? Or both?


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    The more the better, but considering there are "extra" FF coupons floating about (see the FF forum), this might be an opportune time to take advantage for that.

    Also, to your first question, I wouldn't read too much into 464. Even a "fast" moving marker is relatively slow compared to the generations. Y67 or even Y111 would tell you more. For what it's worth, I have 4 37/37 who have taken Y67, and of them I have a 66/67, two 65/67, and a 64/67. Likewise, I have two Y67 matches at 63/67 who have taken Y111, and they have GD's of 7 and 8.... not all that close. Point being, even a perfect match at Y37 doesn't necessarily indicate a particularly recent common ancestor. If that's what you're after in this case, FF might be better.


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      OK, thanks for your examples.

      The person I match 36/37 has a relative with the same last name (and same common ancestor from the 1800's) who is in FamilyFinder but is not a match in my FF. I think the two of them are 2nd or 3rd cousins to each other. I feel like I could do upgrades for my match and still not get any closer to figuring out how we're related, unless I'm super lucky and this 36/37 match and I do happen to be close enough to show in FF. But I think that's a slim chance.