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Help with YDNA matches, steps, etc. to different surnames

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  • Help with YDNA matches, steps, etc. to different surnames

    I am not only working on my husband's DNA matching but also helping and working with my mentor's DNA matching and I have a few questions about this! Both my husbands and mentor's YDNA matches have been to different surnames. My husband did not match the few people with the same surname by at least 5 values or more. I have upgraded his test from 37 to 67 markers. His 4 matches to West or Joyner surnames show a 2 step match to them but none of them have tested beyond 37. What does the step match actually indicate? I'm a bit confused. Also the common ancestor distances are at least 16 to 20 generations back

    My mentor also does not match to the same surname but does match to about 11 others at 37 markers but many of them also tested to 67 and the advanced matching shows only x's on the 67 marker match no step indicators at 67 at all. His 37 marker matches all show steps of 3 or 4 to the other names. Since there are no matches at 67 does this mean that he is not related to those individuals after all? I really appreciate any explanation or help you can give me! Thank you, Dawn