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BIG NEWS! R1b Found in Ancient Bell Beaker Remains!

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    I need to make a slight correction to my earlier posts. Both males in this study were U106- (S21-). The body in Grave 5 got an M269+ result. The y-dna of the body in Grave 8 tested M343+ but "failed to amplify" for M269.

    So, both of them were U106-.

    But they might have been R-L11 and no further up the tree, for all we know.


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      These videos were pulled from YouTube over copyright issues, so they might not last long here either, but they're pretty cool.

      Part 2.


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        Good stuff.

        Thanks for posting those links- very interesting indeed.

        Did you ever read Francis Crick's works on panspermia? If one were given cause to pause and wonder about the possibilities, this is worthy of reflection. Let's say for the fun of it that six alien races sent dna on rocks to the earth to keep their races alive, we will no longer be discussing Celts, but whether L21 is Martian or Vulcan!


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          Here is a paper on Bell Beaker wristguards, with some good photos.

          They sure look like archer's wristguards to me.


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            I came across a Bell Beaker find I had not heard of before, the Brymbo Man, a Beaker male found in Brymbo, near Wrexham, in NE Wales, dated to about 1600 BC. The link shows his skull and its reconstruction.

            If you check the other pages at that site, you will discover further details. For example, Brymbo Man was about 35 years old when he died. He was 173cm tall (5-8; pretty tall for the Bronze Age) and had a stocky or powerful build.

            The Amesbury Archer was, of course, about 700 years older than the Brymbo Man.

            It would be nice if we could get some ancient y-dna from more finds like these!