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    Sorry if this is a repeat, I've been off-line for quite awhile.
    Thomas Krahn posted:

    DNA fingerprint:
    The DYS710 marker is a high frequency mutating YSTR that is very useful for near range (family) genealogy studies. Many alleles carry a N.2 micro-allele which further increases the variability of this marker. I just have fixed the bug in Ymatch which prevented entering the micro-allele, so you are able now to store the allele with- or without a microallele in your DNA-Fingerprint account.

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    DYS 710 Micro - Allele

    With Y-DNA 111 results I had DYS 710 31, while my 3rd cousin and two distant relatives (MRCA unknown) had DYS 710 30.
    I then ordered an Advanced System DYS 710 test for my 2nd cousin. The result was 30.2. In response to a request to FTDNA for clarification, I received the following response from Bennett Greenspan (the next working day!):
    "Our system is not able to universally display micro-alleles. This means that if the marker is ordered in a panel the sample will be a whole number, but if the marker is ordered as part of the advanced marker system then the individual marker will be displayed using the micro-allele value.
    In this case you are actually a 31.2 and all of the others in your group tested so far are actually 30.2 meaning that you have one extra repeat versus the other guys."
    I have now ordered the Advanced System test for my 1st cousin and brother, to determine if the mutation to 31.2 occurred with me, my father or my grandfather.