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One match at a genetic distance of 1 for twelve marker test?

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    I do have some matches at a genetic distance of <6 at on 22 to 25 markers.


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      Originally posted by 1_mke View Post
      I just got my twelve marker test results back and have only one match at a genetic distance of one. Based on what I've been reading here I was expecting many more than that.

      I uploaded to ysearch and at a max genetic distance of 2 I have 105 matches, 97 with a genetic distance of 2, seven with a genetic distance of 1 and 1 with a genetic distance of 0.

      So am I a mutant, or just confused?
      I don't think you're a mutant. in fact you and I are in the same situation. I got my 12 marker profile from Genographic, uploaded to FTDNA, and ordered a Y refine 12-25.
      I got no matches at the 12 marker level in FTDNA.
      I got 20+ matches with a GD of 2 at Ysearch.
      All my matches are outside my haplogroup. I am HG B*, I match exclusively with people from Rb1.
      I match with the Lilley family at 85% confidence level at Sorenson with a GD of 2.
      Genetree's haplogroup predictor placed me at Haplogroup I176.
      My Y refine test has been rerun three times. An email from FTDNA said that I'm a "unique" case they haven't encountered before and that it will take time for them to make sense of my YDNA.
      It is likely that you have a rare Y DNA profile, but not a mutant.