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    My YDNA Ancestral Origins (Y-67test) has more than 125 matches in all the different levels. There are a couple of 2% matches but almost all of them are less than 1%. I'm surprised that there is not more clustering in one or two areas. I'm an Askenazic Jew so I expect a lot of diversity but this seems extreme. Is this a typical result? Or is it more of an indicator that my YDNA is relatively rare so the matches go back to a long-ago MRCA? Is there another explanation?

    Thank You

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    That seems reasonable. Many of us like me don't have a single country above 0.2%. Jewish lines tend to high number of matches due to the large percentage that test and the 20 generation bottleneck of the Jewish group that science has claimed in research papers.


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      I don't put too much into the AO matches.

      It seems to be too arbitrary and not tight enough.

      Like "Tick", most of my matches are <.08, primarily at around .02- and are widely represented on the map. Oddly enough since I am L21+ one would think that the British Isles would bear the highest frequency, but they all bear the lowest. I have seen no evidence from a genetic standpoint, of identifying an area of ancestral origins for myself other than Europe.


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        I am also an L21 (paper trail to France) who has all .1% matches except Mexico which is .4% . Mexico??? What is more believable 7 out of 13973 (Ireland) (.1 %) or 3 out of 809 (.4%) -Mexico. It's like trying to come to some conclusion by reading reviews at -who do you believe more? A rating of 5 from 2 reviewers or a rating of 4 from 200 reviewers?
        I personnaly belive that whole section is worthless.


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          No it's not worthless, I see two possibilities. One is that many of your matches may go back very far before there were groups of people called French or Mexicans. The other and in this case may be more likely your Mexican match might be European ancestry with French or Spanish ancestry.


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            Update on Ancestral Origins Question

            Thank you all for your thoughts. I have one additional piece of information. I logged onto the "Demo" account and the demonstration Ancestral Origins has similar results. It does appear that this demo is derived from ftDNA's founders and therefore is also an Ashkenazic Jewish result. However, this may be the way most of the accounts display.

            It would be nice to hear from someone from FTDNA who could tell us how this data usually clusters and how they think it can be used to provide useful information. Anyone?


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              Every time I open this forum I get another history lesson. Mexicans of French descent make up the second largest European descended group in Mexico, after the Spanish. Who knew?

              daveungar I have found some of these so called matches on y search.
              How many matches do you have under regular matches for your Y 67 test. How many exact matches and 1 step mutations?? I still think these are more useful than those derived from a general database.


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                Unfortunately for me, I have no matches above the 12 marker level on my Ydna. Many of my matches haven't tested past 12 marker level, So I can't see Ancestral Origins % past the 12 marker level. My Highest %'s come from 12 marker 1 GD. Greece 4%, Bulgaria 3%, Morocco Sephardic Levite 2.4%.

                %'s at 12 marker 1 GD would be considered ancient.


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                  Y matches

                  From reading this thread I'm wondering if I am an outlier on the Y-DNA matches. At 12 exact (31 matches) I have 0.6% Bulgaria, 0.5% with both Croatia and the Syrian Arab Republic - each of those only 1 person out of 211 and 206 persons tested. The latter is listed as Sephardic. I have 0.3% for both Austria and the Czech Repulic, 0.2% for Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia. The remaining 10 countries are all 0.1%

                  At one GD for 12 markers I have 371 matches, 22 of them being Ashkenazi or Sephardic. Five of my six matches (out of 1004) from Lithuania are Ashkenazi, while both of my 1-step matches from Syria are Sephardic out of 206. Four of my eight matches from the Russian Federation are Ashkenazi and four of my ten Ukranian matches are also Ashkenazi.

                  The vast bulk of my matches are from the Balkans, as it should be as I am in the Balkan subclade E1b1b1a1b. I'm not Jewish, but my closest Y-DNA match, after extensive research, theorizes we descend from a Sephardic individual who moved from the Catalonian region of Spain to the Provence region of France in February, 1493.