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    Originally posted by DevonHistorian View Post
    I have quite a number of project members who don't have any matches at 12 markers, including a number of R1b1a2 men. Most of the men in my projects who don't have matches live in the British Isles. It seems to be quite rare for Americans not to have matches unless they belong to a population group that is under-represented in the database (eg, India).
    I do not have a single match or close match for my Y-DNA at any marker level. I am J2-M319 (J2a4d) with the CMH 8/12 marker. My user ID is VE8TQ and the closest match from Y-search is User ID 9E9FT (Italy) with a genetic distance of 33 out of 68 markers. Others with similar haplogroup have been found on the island of Crete (see here), but I do not know if any of these individuals are on Y-search or the FTDNA database.

    I cannot tell you much about my paternal line as I am adopted (Birth-Father was Mexican citizen), but the distant matches on family finder all appear to be from my birth-mother's side. The only conclusion I can draw so far is that my paternal DNA is either rare or under-represented in the database. I had been told in the past Jewish ancestry was unlikely as I have no close relatives, and most people of Jewish ancestry have close relatives so it is probably genetic convergence from a similar population group.

    FTDNA comments about Middle-Eastern ancestory:
    • "The closest match (not exact) in our Middle Eastern database is to a single Druze male."
    - 2008
    • "Closest results we have for you in our unpublished database is a group of 7 Jews, but they are not exact matches and the samples are only run to the Y12 level"
    - 2010

    Population Finder:
    Europe (Western European) French, Orcadian 73.12% +/-8.67%
    Native American (Central American) Pima, Maya 17.52% +/-0.75%
    Middle East (Jewish) Jewish 9.36% +/-8.37%
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