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Haplogroup Discrepancy Question

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  • Haplogroup Discrepancy Question

    FamilyTree DNA reports my haplogroup to be R1b1a2 but my Surname Project Table shows R1b1b2. (The discrepancy is at the 5th position, i.e., "a" vs "b".)

    Is there an explanation for this discrepancy and which version is viewed to be "correct"? The Surname Project Table of interest is found at:

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    The Administrator has apparently not updated the nomenclature fir his off site table.

    Timothy Peterman


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      The PDF you linked isn't dated, but the Adams Surname Y-DNA Results were "as of March 21, 2007". The nomenclature for haplogroups has changed over the past few years. Back then, the subclade defined by SNP M269 was known as R1b1b2, now it's known as R1b1a2. The latter is more current; your project administrator should update that table.

      Haplogroup R1b is rather well-defined, so that level shouldn't change much in the future. However, the deepest subclade under R1b is 20 characters long! (R1b1a2a1a1a5b2b1a1a1) Instead of trying to remember that alphabet soup, it can be helpful to use this shorthand: the letter of the haplogroup and the SNP defining that particular subclade. I use both methods in my signature below.