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Upgrade from 37 to 67?

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  • Upgrade from 37 to 67?

    I've got Ashkenazi Jewish paternity. J2, presumed positive on L228 & M172.

    Overall have 55 12-marker matches; another 37 at 12-minus-1, and one person who is 24/25 & 36/37.

    So my question is - might I get some worthwhile results if I upgrade to 67 markers? Seems I have seen people posting that they have 63/67 matches.

    My assumption is that while most of my 12-marker matches do not show up in 25 or 37, they may show up at 67 that a reasonable assumption?

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    Hi Stephen,

    You should be able to see which of your matches have tested more markers than the level the match is on. Next to your 12 marker matches names, you'll see (Y25), (Y37) and (Y67). Next to your 25 marker matches, (Y37) and (Y67) and so on. So if none of your matches have tested to 67 markers, you obviously will not get a refined result when upgrading.

    Regarding your question; Have a look at this FAQ entry:

    So it is possible that a person is GD of 3 with you at 25 markers (will not show up) and still a GD of 3 at 67 markers (will show up).