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Very New at Y-DNA; I'd love some feedback

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  • Very New at Y-DNA; I'd love some feedback


    I had one of my Martin cousins do Y-DNA for us. He got very few matches, but most of them were Martins.

    One of the matches, matched at the 12 marker at genetic distance 0 , at the 25 marker at a genetic distance of 2 and at the 37 marker at a genetic distance of 4.

    Unfortunately, I have not been able to contact this person to compare trees.

    Is the fact that this same fellow shows up on all 3 marker tests significant, even though the genetic distance increased with each test? He did not take the 67 marker test. Is there a strong liklihood we share one common ancestor?

    206262 Daniel Martin r1b1a2a1a1b4 confirmed
    210449 John Kennedy


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    Because R1b is the most common type in Europe, researchers looking for relatives generally only get excited with matches of 65, 66, or 67 on 67 markers, and even then they look for matches with the same surname.

    I believe the estimate of common ancestry is somewhere there on Family Tree DNA, but anyway there's another calculator at

    There, to match 34 for 37 suggests a common ancestor about 17 generations ago.

    Hope this helps.