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Price - McGregor link ?????

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  • Price - McGregor link ?????

    Hey gods of Y-Search.

    I am way off from the rest of the Price's in my group. I Have 3 unique mutations for the rb1 group, 1. 393 is a 14 and 385 a & b respectively is 10 & 14. The good news is that any Price with the 10 - 14 is a 99% +, within the last two hundred years ( from B. Greenspan ).

    So, I went to Y-Search and found a McGregor who matches all but my 393 and he is a 13 ( remember the 14 is a rare mutatiuon, along with the above 10 -14 ) and the only others we are off on are the last two of the 25 marker, 464 c & d , mine 16 & 18, his 17 & 17, these are fast changers.

    Is it possible, that even though we are two different surnames, we could have descended from the same ancestor???????

    I'm only asking because we match on all the other 22 markers.


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    Dean, I don't think a 22/25 match with somebody of a different surname could be considered related within a genealogical timeframe. I too have 393=14 and none of my known kin have a 13 there. You are related in the sense that every R1b has a common ancestor.



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      Even I have close matches with McGregor Clan folks at 25 marker at 37 marker I start to seperate from them. Rough thing is my surname is Hunt. I currently have no match closer then 32/37. Definately noone with same surname even comes close.

      R1b is like air it everywhere. lol