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    Originally posted by Zaru View Post
    It's an egregious error.
    I thought it was a typo on somebodies part; ( probably not you). I didn't want anybody else to get confused.


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      Egregious error...

      Originally posted by Zaru View Post
      It's an I1d (L21+ P109-)
      Apologies about the outrageous and offensive typo. Thank you for bring this horrific mistake to my attention.

      Correction: I1d (L22+ P109-) Norse


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        Originally posted by Krootie View Post
        When I visited this link just last week, ; it had numerous posts over a couple of years, now it is blank. I'm scratching my head. *blink blink* I had wanted to take my time and read the threads when I had more time.

        Both Rootsweb discussion groups and archives are no longer functioning as well. As a volunteer with Rootsweb since '97, I know this organization is now owned and run by Ancestry, so the material is lost in cyberspace.

        And I copied and pasted some great info last week with links on yDNA Haplogroup I: Subclade I1, Project Background; but it is missing as well. If you've an email address - whisper it to me - and I send the long message with links. It will keep you busy for months.

        We can hope everything will reappear.
        It's still there (FTDNA Haplogroup I Discussion) but you have to be logged in to see it. I thought it had disappeared a few times myself but once I logged in there it was. It is true though that I1d's have been in a bit of a dry spell. Also, you have to be careful with biodiversity websites, they can get pretty vile so you have to have a strong constitution to stomach a lot of the immature garbage.