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Forum hacked on 8/31/04

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  • Forum hacked on 8/31/04

    Dear Friends,

    Today, 8/31/04, a hacker somehow got the specific Forum ID/password that belonged to our dear partner and head of IT Jim Warren, who passed away from cancer last year.
    The hacker entered the Forum Admin area, deleted part of the messages as well as a large number of users.
    Even though we have a backup up of all the messages and Forum user ID's, in the upload process to recover the lost information, some of the data was lost.
    The hacker also managed to replace our Forum home page with a large banner and message in Arabic.
    While the IP that was traced to the hacker points to a ISP in Saudi Arabia, no conclusions can or should be reached at this time.
    The FBI was notified and is investigating.
    Since we have recently changed all our Admin ID's and passwords, and no other ID/password that belonged to Jim are valid or are in the system, there should be no concern of further damage.
    We thank all our customers for all the support messages that we have received.
    Max Blankfeld
    Vice-President and COO @ Family Tree DNA
    A Gene by Gene Company