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    My brother had his yDNA done but was told that they couldn't quite nail down his Haplo so they had to do further testing on his SNP's for ano additional charge. It took a few weeks but we finally got them but neither of us knows enough to really comprehend what it means.
    His haplogroup turned out to be "G" plain and simple enough, but the SNP's are listed as: M201+ M285- M286- M342- P15- P16- P18- P20-
    What does this mean to us? It seems more like gibberish than the rather straightforward y tests.
    Anybody help?


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    it means haplogroup G*, but not one of the sub=branches. E.g. see

    I don't know much about this haplogroup and its distribution, so I hope somebody will help here.



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      Originally posted by radio1
      His haplogroup turned out to be "G" plain and simple enough, but the SNP's are listed as: M201+ M285- M286- M342- P15- P16- P18- P20-
      What does this mean to us?
      Here is ISOGG's SNP tree for haplogroup G.

      M201+ means that he belongs to G.

      M285- means that he does not belong to G1.

      P15- means that he does not belong to G2.

      Among FTDNA customers, the most likely alternative is G5.

      Are you saying that FTDNA ran all of these SNP tests for free? Or do you mean that FTDNA reported M201+ for free, and then you ordered the deepSNP-G test for $79? If the latter, I am surprised that FTDNA did not test for M377, the SNP for G5. Are you sure that FTDNA is done testing--or do you still have a Pending Lab Results page in your FTDNA account?


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        To lgmayka

        Thank you all for your kind response. From what I'm able to understand, ftDNA was not able to determine a haplogroup. I had upgraded my brother's test from 27 to 35 (or 37, whatever it is) which included determination of the haplogroup. Since he and I share the same mother when I had my mtDNA done I assumed that the mtDNA haplogroup is identical to my own. But I don't carry the y DNA.
        FTDNA was not able to determine his haplogroup and told me that they could not be more specific than "G" so they requested another swab test, at no additional charge and after several months of waiting untimately the test results were listed at my brother's page as stated in the post above. That information tells me nothing but I'm certain there are those who are more educated than I in this area. I was hoping it could be more specific as to the region in eastern europe or areas perhaps prior to the time frame we know of for my grandfather's family. We don't have much information about them.


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          That's odd, the 25 to 37 STR test wasn't bundled with an SNP test at any time that I know of. They don't do a DeepSNP test for free, they do a "backboneSNP" test if your haplogroup cannot be predicted with an STR marker test for free as I understand it. If you check the bar on the left side of your brothers personal page (logged in with kit # & password) where it says "haplogroup" (the same page where you see the SNP results of M201+ M285- M286- M342- P15- P16- P18- P20-) does it still give the option of choosing the deepSNP test (it should be above the results)? I'm with lgmayka, that should have tested M377 for G5 AFAIK.


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            No additional deep SNP's

            Nagelfar.... there are no additional deep SNP tests listed as available on that page. What does that mean?
            It's doesn't say my brother is G5 it only lists him as G even after all the additional testing. I'm not sure I understand...

            Help and thanks in advance.