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Help needed with palindromes

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  • Help needed with palindromes

    I understand how palindromic markers work, but I have a question about their mutations in particular families. By comparing myself to others in the J project and ysearch, I've discovered that all of the markers that uniquely set me apart from similar J1s (388=16, YCAii = 22/22) occur in the palindromic markers including 385, 459, 464,395s1, and 413; YCAii is the only one that I don't differ on from many people, and I have a few matches on CDY. My only 12/12 match shares my 385b value, but differs with me on 459 - he has only 25 markers to compare. I do have differences with other people on non-palindromic markers, but my differences on those are shared by at least a few other people. Does this seem unusual? Has anyone heard of this? I've read that some families can be "high mutators" or tend to mutate more on particular markers. Thanks,

    ysearch 3sb6w