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Upgrading Genographic Y Chromosome Test to FT Y67 Test

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  • Upgrading Genographic Y Chromosome Test to FT Y67 Test

    Hi, before I found out that Family Tree offered the Y-DNA 67 Marker Test, I purchased Genographic's Y Chromosome test that only does 12 markers.
    I want to have the most detailed Y Chromosome test done, so...
    If I wanted to upgrade my Y Chromosome test to Famliy Tree's Y-DNA 67 Marker Test, do I have any money saving options, or do I have to completely redo everything by purchasing the FamilyTree Y-DNA 67 Marker test?


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    FIRST - have your data added to the Family Tree DNA Database -
    Joining Family Tree DNA after you received your results from the Genographic Project is simple. At the bottom of your results page you will see a link "Learn More", which takes you to Family Tree DNA. You will also be offered to join a Surname Project during the process of transferring your data, and obtain additional information related to genealogy at no extra cost. Should you decide to do any of the other genealogy-related tests that we offer, including upgrades to more markers, you will be entitled to a reduced rate and Family Tree DNA won't need to collect your sample again, as Family Tree DNA offers to store your DNA for 25 years as an additional service - free of charge.

    SECOND - If there is a surname project for your surname join it. This does not require another sample. FTDNA already has your sample as they did the other test.

    THIRD - Upgrade from 12 markers to 67 markers.

    NOTE - Step 1 and 2 are free. You have to pay for step 3 and it is cheaper if you are in a surname project.


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      Thank you for your advice. I have sent you a private message.
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