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Deletions, non-matches, and haplogroups

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  • Deletions, non-matches, and haplogroups

    My situation is that I have multiple (three) null values due to an apparent single deletion event. These markers are on panels 2 and 3, so I only have 12-marker matches even though I've taken the BigY 700. In searching this forum, it looks like there was a discussion in 2017 about FTDNA's algorithm when it comes to null values, but nothing more recent.
    Question #1: Is there yet a way to search a larger number of markers but to exclude certain markers? This deletion I have is almost certainly a first-generation event; the deleted portion of the chromosome is integrally involved in sperm production, so it would be highly surprising for someone like me to have 3 other brothers, each with multiple kids, if this were inherited from our father. Sorry, probably TMI! But it helps you understand my search dilemma, I would imagine. If I could exclude those 3 markers from a search, then I could search out to 108 markers and 697 markers, right? It sure doesn't sound difficult form a software perspective.
    Question #2: Is there any reason to believe that a chromosome deletion would impact haplogroup assessment? I was quite surprised that my ancestry apparently went through the British Isles, considering I can trace my ancestry back to Germany in the mid-1600s, and I have no decently close haplogroup relation to other Germans or those with my last name. So I was wondering if the deletion compounded my problem and I'm NOT really the haplogroup that it says. I think these are unrelated issues, but thought I'd pose the question.
    Thanks for any answers and advice!

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    Bummer. I hypothesized something like that happening. Sorry to find out it actually has.

    Try this. It will allow you to use the linked website and Excel to perform comparisons with members of any public project.


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      Thanks. I'll have to try to figure that out in the next few days.


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        You might find this project useful.
        Multiple Deletion Project - Overview | FamilyTreeDNA‚Äč

        The admin is responsive.

        from the About page
        "Due to the large number of deletions matches above 12 are extremely rare. We welcome all who have similar results."


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          Thanks... already on it.