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Why no Haplogroup or Origins data in test results?

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  • Why no Haplogroup or Origins data in test results?

    Hi, I administer a YDNA37 test for a relative, and the results are missing the haplogroup and any data on ancestry/origins. I don't find information about this problem on the site and no one from FTDNA has contacted me to explain why this would be (I chatted with an FTA staff person who said they would need to run a backbone test, but I don't know if that's being done or not). The tester is an African American male, who should have similar results to other members of the family, but only has one match, who has a SE Asian Haplogroup. I would assume that my relative would have the same haplogroup as his YDNA match, so this confuses me. I understand that there can sometimes be "non-paternal events," but he is clearly not Asian. I did order a YDNA upgrade test, but these data should be available for a 37 marker YDNA test. Thanks for any explanation!

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    You can find information about the SNP Assurance Program (Backbone SNP Test) in the FTDNA Learning Center. It states there that it may take 6-8 weeks to run the backbone test. The Backbone Test is done when they can't predict your Y-DNA haplogroup with 100% confidence.

    If the haplogroup of his one match does turn out to be in the same main group as your relative's haplogroup, and is indeed a haplogroup known to be Asian, then it is possible that long ago (hundreds to thousands of years ago), his direct Y-DNA ancestor was Asian. Then that haplogroup was passed down the paternal line through the generations, until it got to your relative's father, and him. It does not need to be a recent "Not the Parent Expected" situation, so would not necessarily be reflected in his appearance. Many people have haplogroups, either Y-DNA or mtDNA, that are associated with a different part of the world than expected, due to a long-ago direct ancestor, too long ago to be within a genealogical timespan.

    When you say that your relative "should have similar results to other members of the family," does he have a brother, father, paternal uncle, or cousins descended from the same paternal ancestor who have tested Y-DNA? Make sure any relatives who have Y-DNA results are all directly descended from the same man.

    You may want to submit a Customer Support request, and ask if FTDNA has started the Backbone Test yet. You will get a Support ticket number, which can be used to track responses and email on your request.


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      I updated my relative's YDNA test to 67 markers and added an autosomal test. I received an email today that the results of these tests have been uploaded. I see NO information on his page. He has no Family Finder matches, no ancestry information, no haplogroup. I have written to FTDNA, but not gotten a satisfactory explanation about why my relative seems to be from another planet.