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    The TiP report has an option: "Person 1 and Person 2 did not share a common ancestor in the last N generation(s)." If I select 5, for example, the report shows probabilities starting at generation 5. This seems counter-intuitive to me, as I've explicitly excluded the last 5 generations. Am I misinterpreting this?

    I have a distant relative with a genetic distance of 4 in my Y-111 matches. He's of my father's generation. I've traced his line back 6 generations (which him being generation zero, his father 1, etc.). I've also traced my line back 6 generations (with me being generation zero). It's possible that his 5G GF is the father of my 5G GF. From his perspective, we're not related within 5 generations; from mine, it's 6 generations. What do I tell the TiP report?

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    Personally, I'm not especially fond of the TiP report. It's quick, which is great. However, it does not provide information that is particularly useful, which I believe you are finding as well.

    Instead, I use a software program (SAPP) which calculates the date of the most recent common ancestor. Of course, there is uncertainty of that date, but at least it allows one to realize about when the common ancestor lived.

    The Admin of your project should know how to run the necessary software. However, the Admin is just a volunteer. So, go easy on them if they don't.