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Have 4th and 5th Cousin matches just become very important to me

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  • Have 4th and 5th Cousin matches just become very important to me

    Hello. I am R-FT165188 (Y-700, and YFull). I have been chasing down the bio-father of my Great Grandfather Richard CLARKE for decades. I know he was illegitimate. (b c1831/2 assumed Fulbourn, Cambridgeshire). I’ve done a lot of paper research, and just about every DNA test possible. I’ve never had any real “ahah” moments, although I have found second cousins etc. Although I have just one YFull / Y-700 match, the mystery continues.

    Until very recently my match and I have always held the belief our TMRCA was somewhere in Roman Britain. Now, as per the attached, it seems that we may be just 200-300 years apart, well within genealogical times. So when I do the math, back from 2020 to 1760, I realize that (if I am thinking straight) reports of 4th and 5th cousins which have never really excited me, are now definitely in play. I have paper trails back to 4xGGF for some branches.

    I’d really appreciate some comments or suggestions from the skilled and learned members here regarding any changes to research I should consider in view of this recent shift to (almost) recent times,

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