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Understanding morley results

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  • Understanding morley results

    Alright so here is prediction from morley:

    And by this my most likely is L1b1 even though i tested negatively for M317, M349 and M274. This should mean that the result by morly is wrong. Also, i tested negatively for L1a(M27, M76, P329 ) and L2 (L595) which only leaves me with L1c (M357) for which i haven't been tested positive or negative, which is common in Pashtuns and Baloch (some say jatt population as well so if someone knows anything on Jatts and which subclade of L they have, that would be great too).

    So my, question is, if we look at the data above, it is logical to conclude that I can only be L1c since i am not tested either positive or negative for it?

    Also, is it possible that I do not even belong to L? My next most probable haplogroups are as follows:

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Morley predictor is simply a predictor and it can only base that prediction on the quality of the data it is using. I’m assuming this data is from an autosomal test? The only way to confirm your haplogroup with any real certainty would be through SNP testing be that through NGS (Big Y, Y-Elite, etc) or through YSEQ’s options (Top Level Orientation Panel, Haplogroup Panels, Custom Panels, etc)

    You could very well be some clade of L, though you might not be. Only a SNP test can confirm that.