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  • SNP Analysis and Phylogenetic Tree software

    Hi. I'm a novice.
    I'm managing the Big Y Treinfhir initiative for men named Treanor/Traynor etc. My participants have given me access to their BAM files. I have a couple of men who took FGC tests which I cannot integrate into our phylogenetic tree.
    1) Can anyone recommend phylogenetic tree software which will allow me to combine FTDNA and FGC BAM files and create phylogenetic trees? Right now I'm using Unipro Ugene but it is overkill.
    2) Trying to learn more about SNPs. For example I have tested as BY99486 and BY129914. I would like to get a description of the location of those two SNPs to use in browsing software like Unipro Ugene. I can't find where this information is accessible.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Can't help with your first question & I think I want to look at Unipro Ugene ;-)
    For the SNP info I like ISOGG YBrowse
    You just enter the SNP ID in the "Landmark or Region" window.