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DYS425 values null and 11-12

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  • DYS425 values null and 11-12

    Hello from Finland!

    I am having trouble with DYS425. Years ago I tested my brother at Y67, but so far got few and faraway matches, like four at 7/67 and four at 4/37. So I tested also his 4. cousin to see how his marker values looked out. Documented relationship confirmed with FF, GD 9/111, 6/67, distance partially explained by comparing the marker values. The fact I noticed just now ('cos I had no-one to compare with): My bro has DYS425 = 11-12 and his 4. cousin DYS425 = 0. I can understand the null value, but not the double value, is it common and what should I think about it? And most importantly, how should I handle it?

    Haplogroup N-231 (most common in Finland like 60 % of males). The surname is also common and based on geographical region which does not help finding suitable testers to compare.

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    Useful information here: I don't see anyone with N-231 in the Null 425 yDNA Project

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      Thank you! Interesting reading though nothing on the variable number of alleeles. Should I join the Null ... project?


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        Originally posted by Araminta View Post
        Should I join the Null ... project?
        Yes. You can also ask the administrator(s) about variable number of alleles, etc. They should know.


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          Thanks, done!