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Why upgrade to Y-DNA111?

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  • Why upgrade to Y-DNA111?

    Six years ago, I bought a Y-DNA67 test in hopes of learning anything about my paternal grandfather's father, whose identity is a mystery. The closest matches have been four men at the Y-DNA37 level, each with a genetic distance of four. One has a Y-DNA111 test. At the Y-DNA25 level, I have 23 matches, all with a genetic distance of two, and one man has a Y-DNA111 test. I can't sift by surname because, as I say, we don't know the name of my mysterious paternal great-grandfather. What advantage, if any, would there be in upgrading to Y-DNA111?

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    Probably not much! If I had a choice of Y chromosome tests, I would go for the Big Y, which will (with help from expert interpreters such as Y Full and others) place you on a particular little twig of the Y haplotree, and where (possibly with help from those interpreters) you will be able to see what families and origins are associated with that twig. But autosomal DNA testing probably has a better potential for turning up actual relatives who might be close enough to help you.