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Why upgrade to Y-DNA111?

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  • Why upgrade to Y-DNA111?

    Six years ago, I bought a Y-DNA67 test in hopes of learning anything about my paternal grandfather's father, whose identity is a mystery. The closest matches have been four men at the Y-DNA37 level, each with a genetic distance of four. One has a Y-DNA111 test. At the Y-DNA25 level, I have 23 matches, all with a genetic distance of two, and one man has a Y-DNA111 test. I can't sift by surname because, as I say, we don't know the name of my mysterious paternal great-grandfather. What advantage, if any, would there be in upgrading to Y-DNA111?

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    Probably not much! If I had a choice of Y chromosome tests, I would go for the Big Y, which will (with help from expert interpreters such as Y Full and others) place you on a particular little twig of the Y haplotree, and where (possibly with help from those interpreters) you will be able to see what families and origins are associated with that twig. But autosomal DNA testing probably has a better potential for turning up actual relatives who might be close enough to help you.


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      John McCoy I think the issue here is he has no matches at Y67. As such, the prospects of finding a match at Y111 are still non-zero, they're not very good. As most people should see their match lists narrow down with increased levels of STR testing, rather than seeing it widen out. (So says the guy who has a 37 marker match who only matches at that level, and a 67 marker match who only matches at 67 markers... And BigY "neighbors" who don't show up on STR matching lists at all, at any level besides [email protected] which takes being in the same project to even see)

      STR testing brings all kinds of weirdness to the matching system depending on the markers involved. SNP testing is more likely to produce a much more reliable start point for such a search, but you're still stuck with a high probability that "nobody is out there" to match against at this time.

      All that said, the Y111 test is now included in the BigY, which means people with Y111 tests now see a bigger discount for BigY than those with a Y67 or lower test already done. So if the end-goal is to test BigY, getting the Y111 tested is a decent first step. It gives potential for slightly more matching information, and also puts the BigY a step closer as well.