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Father/son SNP discrepancy

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  • Father/son SNP discrepancy

    I'm looking at a possible testing faux pas with Y results migrated from NatGeo.

    I tested with the Geno 2.0, and with further SNP testing my results are currently ZZ10_1 and tested negative for Z253 (presumed negative for Z252 also). My father recently tested with Geno 2.0+ (the newer version)and his current terminal SNP is Z18133, downstream of the Z253 that I tested negative for.

    Since there's absolutely no doubt that he is my biological father, I'm left with the assumption that the Geno 2.0 must have some error in my results vs the 2.0+ test my father took. I just wonder if anybody else has noticed anything similar with results from different Geno test generations.

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    It is not a surprise that you may have this minor discrepancy. Geno 2.0 NG has more serious problems than this. But in this case, I would trust the further SNP testing over the Geno 2.0 NG results.


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      Geno 2.0+ has a lot of false positives and false negatives that were never identified and removed before providing results to the customer. A lot of people are getting incorrect terminal SNPs or even incorrect haplogroup placement.


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        Take a look at the thread at