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  • Determine Paternal Line

    First, I am an adoptee and recently completed a Y-DNA67 test.

    Among the results were three exact matches at the 37 level. Say two had the last name "A" and the other had the last name "B". The two "A" are from the same paternal line.

    "B" had also completed a 67 marker test and he was an exact match.

    My question is what type of family interaction would most likely have occurred to produce these matches.

    Since the match with "B" would appear to be more recent, my assumption is that a male individual from the "A" line was most likely adopted or born into the "B" family which would more lead "B" surname. Because of the closeness of the predicted common ancestor, I would think this occurred within the last 8 generations.

    Is that reasonable or am I missing something?

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    Have the men with the surname "A" tested to 67 markers? If not you can't draw any conclusions about them.


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      In my view 37 markers is not enough for sorting out
      matches for men of different surnames.
      One should us as many markers as you can get
      minimum is 67 best 111