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Dys 437 and 438 swapped??

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  • Dys 437 and 438 swapped??

    I just got a result where dys 437 was listed as 11 when every other person in cluster is 14 whilst for dys 438, the result was 14 where everyone else is 11.

    Is it possible these two values got swapped?

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    Yes. In fact, precisely that occurred in one kit in my project. I asked FTDNA to look into it, and they admitted the error.

    The most disturbing aspect of the error, perhaps, is its implication: That at some point, humans are transcribing data from one database to another. Ripe for automation?


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      Thanks. If same error, maybe that suggests was an automated mistake? Either way is disturbing. Did they offer any details of error? Was a whole batch affected or something?

      Did you send a message to ftdna using the infamous contact help desk? Did they correct it on the data itself? One problem is its contributing to there being zero matches for this person

      In addition, did they find any other errors when they looked in to it? Am not sure now i trust some of the other differences found in person hard to tell now if unique branch - or error!


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        Originally posted by penguin View Post
        Did you send a message to ftdna using the infamous contact help desk?
        Frankly, I used the high-priority email address available only to project administrators. I considered switched marker values to be alarming and therefore urgent.


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          That also occurred in my friend's kit. his DYS385ab was wrong as not match another two lab's results he tested before. FTDNA give his DYS385=12,12, while another two labs all DYS385=12,21. He have contacted helpdesk, but helpdesk told him this is just a marker convertion in different lab. later his project admin help him send request to group email, they told will check with data team, and will give him a respond. Now he still not get any reply, but the DYS385 was changed to 12,21.
          I have another marker issue, one person's DYF371 is c-c-c-c, whereas his DYS425=11-12, send to helpdesk, told will check and reply him, now more than two months past, still no progress.