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  • Niall and I

    Can anyone tell me if the following indicate a good match to the R1b signature of the Ui Niall, despite the differences, some of which are in places where the mutation rate is faster than the rest?

    I have in my 37 markers:

    The NW Irish markers are:

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    From what I see you have a genetic distance of 9.(that is not close)

    In my opinion UiNeill's dna signature was around well before he was born
    (if he existed at all)

    There were Men spreading that dna sequence well before and after UiNeill.

    Which people actually descended from UiNiall..and which ones were descended from some poor Irish dirt farmer who might have been a fourth or 5th cousin twice removed.?

    It's all news hype that seems well packaged. The UiNeill signature did not originate from UiNeill. Nor was he the only one spreading the sequence in Ireland.

    Just my opinion

    Here is a little chart showing probable generations to a common ancestor.
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      Visiting one site I read the following.


      A short chronology of the history of Ireland can be found in Ireland's History in Maps where it is said:

      ". . . much about the early centuries of Ireland's past have been passed down through time in the form of various annals, the 'Annals of the Four Masters' among the more prominent of these pseudo-historical accounts of ancient Hibernia (Eire, Ireland). Serious scholars have always held Ireland's history is not truly knowable before about 500 AD, so please take this into account as you read through the early myths and stories."