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P-15 mutation

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  • P-15 mutation

    I have been tested and shown to be G2 and positive for the P15 mutation. What exactly does that it a genetic defect or a normal thing.


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    G2 Welcomd

    To new G2 member you are a rare bird and welcome to your Scathyian roots. You are fortuante to have so many bright relatives, not including me in that group, who are doing considerable research on our genealogical past.
    Below are some web pages you should visit to start your education.

    Ray Banks web site at
    and Whit Athey's web site

    These are both incredible resources for us lucky enough to belong to the G2 clan.

    Enjoy your journey
    Doug Gill


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      I am an American of Norman-Sicilian descent and SNP-tested as G2.

      Are we as rare and lucky as you say?

      Is it so certain G2 is indicative of Scythian or Indo-Aryan roots, instead of, say, Phoenician or Greek? Certain isolated Mediterranean islands off the coasts of Turkey and Greece have very large percentages of G2-how is this explainable with the Scythian hypothesis?

      I am quite desperate for information relating to G2, if anyone has any links to ongoing research besides that done by Whit Athey and Ray Banks.


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        I thought G2 has been more or less definitively linked to Armenians, Persians, Georgians and tribes like the Alans, which were of Indo-Iranian stock, but who ravaged Germany toward the end of the Roman Empire.


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          Yes, that would seem to be the general theory on Y-Hg G: Indo-Iranian, Indo-Aryan, Indo-Caucasian, Cimmero-Scytho-Sarmatian-Alan. The following covers the history of these peoples:

          The map of the Alan migrations and military expeditions at Wikipedia is excellent and seems to superficially correspond to geography of Y-Hg G folk:

          But is it likely the high percentage of G in Italian and Spanish coasts, Sardinia, Sicily and certain other Mediterranean and Greek islands is solely attributable to just these recent historical Indo-Iranian migrations and invasions? Also, a significant number of Jews, Syrians, and Palestinians fall into Indo-Iranian haplogroup G. What does this mean? Perhaps G is more representative of Etruscan or Phoenician influence? These are questions I ask myself.