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How often do you get YDNA matches?

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    Originally posted by MerryB View Post
    Sigh. I understand all too well. Bought tests for husband and mother in law last christmas, and the tests STILL aren't taken.
    Well, with your hubby, you should just do it for him and get him to spit before they brush their teeth. I imagine that you'll be doing all the genealogy anyway. That's how I handled it with my wife.

    With mother-in-law, you could volunteer to help her with it. I would expect that it's just something new so she doesn't know how to start.

    I had that same sort of problem with some cousins. I chatted with them and they had various fears of what they'll find out via the 23andMe medical information. So, I talked them through all of their concerns.


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      Originally posted by nmcconnell1 View Post
      Well, yes, but Ken Nordvedt puts my I1a-Z382's MRCA at about 2,900 years ago. At arbitrarily 25 years per generation, that gives 116 generations, which means I have tons of 114th (and below) cousins wandering around out there. And considering that we ALL descend from NatGeo's genetic Adam...

      It's mostly about people not caring about/not wanting the testing. My 5G-grandfather had five sons, all of whom lived to adulthood and had children, so there have to be quite a few male-line descendants around today. Only three correctly-surnamed men, besides me, have taken the Y FTDNA test. Neither of my wife's brothers will take the test, after I bought the thing ("I'll think about it."). Oh well. Complain, complain
      Unless other people are willing to test then you aren't going to find any matches but at least you know which subgroup that you belong in and it isn't Viking.