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Is 10th cousin a good estimate?

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  • Is 10th cousin a good estimate?

    If two men match each other 104/111 markers, and the seven mismatches are comprised of (3) slow moving markers, (3) markers that are medium and (1) marker that is fast; could they be 10th cousins? I know its hard to estimate, and I am doing more research, because both of us know that about 1780, some of the men and their families moved west and some moved south, so I am researching family trees, in regard to the families that moved south.

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    FT-DNA's Y-DNA FAQ has a table that addresses this question. A 104/111 result means that your match and you are only Probably Related. Without additional evidence, you cannot infer from this result that you and your match are 10th cousins or that you have any other family relationship.


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      Family line

      I already know that myself and this other gentlemen match a family line, and I match others that match this same family line. I am now looking for the in-betweener, so I can establish my branch of the family line.


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        at 104/111 marker you are most certainly related it just wont predict how and when. Hopefully you eventually find paper to figure out how and when to back up the DNA match