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An Unusual YDNA Question

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  • An Unusual YDNA Question

    I have posted on this board before about a YDNA dilemma which I hope we are on the brink of solving. At 37 markers, my father, a Sessions, has 11 matches, a confusing mix of the names Sessions, Luallen, Davis, and Brewington, and all of these matches hold up at 67 with the exception of 1 Sessions, whom has only tested up to 37, but we expect to hold up at 67 and are ordering the upgrade as we speak!

    Our newest 37 marker match is a Sessions male we tested on a hunch and it paid off. His Sessions ancestry is well documented several generations beyond what any of the rest of us have been able to cite, as all of our paper trails get murky around 1790. We have work to do and are very hopeful we'll eventually have an answer as to whether we are indeed genetic Sessions or not.
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