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Finding Your Terminal SNP (Or Any SNP)

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  • Finding Your Terminal SNP (Or Any SNP)

    You've received your brand new FTDNA y-dna test results. On your "Haplotree & SNPs" page, you have a y haplogroup prediction or, if you have been SNP tested, an actual SNP test result and a terminal SNP. FTDNA has supplied you with the shorthand version of your haplogroup placement, which consists of a single-letter prefix, followed by a dash and the name of your terminal SNP. That single-letter prefix is the name of the major branch of the y-dna phylogenetic tree to which you belong.

    To find out more about about your terminal SNP, use the Y-DNA SNP Index maintained by ISOGG (the International Society of Genetic Genealogy):

    The SNP index allows one to easily look up his terminal SNP (or any SNP that has been included in the table) and get useful information about it, including the longhand version of the subclade it characterizes.

    Finding an SNP in the index is quick and easy. On a pc, just hold down the Control (Ctrl) key and hit the f key. A small "Find" box should appear in the lower left corner of the screen. Type the name of the SNP in the box and click on "Next". The SNP, if it is in the table, will appear highlighted.

    To find your SNP's position on the y-dna phylogenetic tree, just use ISOGG's phylogenetic trees:

    Click on the letter of the major branch y haplogroup to which you belong (the single-letter prefix in the shorthand haplogroup designator supplied to you by FTDNA on your "Haplotree & SNPs" page). That will take you to the ISOGG tree for that y haplogroup. Then just use the "Find" function I described above to locate your SNP on the tree.

    Hopefully, FTDNA will have an updated tree soon and its nifty animated "Haplotree" feature will make things even easier. In the meantime, ISOGG's Y-DNA SNP Index and phylogenetic trees are simple and easy to use.

    Hope this is helpful.

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    One thing I neglected to point out is that you can go right from the Y-DNA SNP Index to your major branch haplogroup tree simply by clicking on the longhand version of your haplogroup designator. The link won't take you right to your subclade, however. You will still have to use the "Find" function I described in my original post above or scroll down and look for it (not as easy).