I'm adopted. So I've been checking my results daily. I have 4 matches that are 1 step off on the 25, 37 and 67 markers. Two of those matches have surnames that I have other matches with with 1 step off in the 25 and 37.
So I clicked on TIPS from Y-DNA Matches and it shows my 1 step on all three as having a genetic distance of 1. I click on the same names under Advanced matching though and it shows a genetic distance of of 0. What am I missing?

Also, I was surprised to see so many matches with two of the surnames, one of the surnames has 9 matches 4 steps and under and the other has 4 matches.

I'm still waiting on my 111 marker, Family Finder and mtDNA plus my Haplogroups to return (Backbone test being ran.) Although everybody that I match has the Y-DNA Haplogroup of I, there is no sub group etc.

I've read most of the documentation that I could on the website but there is no explanation for this difference in genetic distance with the exact same parameters entered.