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  • Results dribbling in - questions

    I am awaiting Y-DNA 67 test results for my father. I'm still pretty new to all this, and this is my first experience with the Y testing (other than Geno 2.0). We are also awaiting 23andme results.

    To get to the point, my father's results were expected in the first couple of weeks of February (batch 497). His separate panels have been showing up since last Wednesday, though - yay! Here are my questions:

    1. The 12 marker panel had the earliest expected date, but is still not available. Oddly, DYS439 is the one marker that shows a result there.
    2. Is it normal for the panels to show results "out of order?" By which I mean, 38-47 came in first, then 13-25, next 48-60, and today 61-67. These were expected on 2/18 and 2/20, variously. Still awaiting panel 3, 26-37, as well.

    Thanks for any thoughts on this.

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    My Y-12 was either the last or the second to last one to show up when I initially did the first 67 markers so I don' think this is unusual. Also, the Y is the one test that FTDNA actually seems to consistently complete early. It is the exception and not the rule alas.


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      I have been on this site I think close to two years now. I have had almost every available test offered here. My recent order of a single SNP test seemd like it took forever. I have a sense that with the results of the Geno 2 tests coming in and a recent sale, plus a web site overall, FTDNA is very busy,more so than ususal. Hopefully,if this is true,it should settle back down soon.


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        Thank you 1_mke and Brunetmj, as you confirmed my suspicions. As for the DYS439 marker in the 12 marker panel, it appeared when I downloaded the .xls file, but doesn't show on the Standard Y-STR Values results page. Guess it doesn't matter - the results will show up when they show up.

        Since the Y test seems to be one that comes in early, I wonder how the mtDNA full sequence compares, time-wise. Does that run pretty late? We have two pending, due 2/18.


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          My full sequence mtDNA took a lot longer than originally promised. I think it was a month or more beyond the initial date. From what I understand it is about the most difficult test they do and while FTDNA has some faults, releasing incorrect results isn't something they are known for at this point.


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            Originally posted by KATM View Post
            I wonder how the mtDNA full sequence compares, time-wise. Does that run pretty late? We have two pending, due 2/18.
            While I do not know how long this test takes under normal circumstances, A mtDNA full sequence I have on order and in batch 491(batched Nov 21/2012) has been currently pushed back until the 18th of Feb.
            It was intially due the 7th of Jan., then postponed to 28th of Jan., now the 18th of Feb.

            Reason given on pending results page
            The full mtDNA sequence (FGS) is one of the most complex test that we offer. The sequence is divided into portions, and all portions must yield complete results in order for the full sequence to be finished. If we already have your sample, your testing is in progress. Due to the volume of orders we received in our extended promotion, our orders are running, but are taking a little longer to complete. We apologize for the delay, we are working diligently to get you the highest quality results.
            I suspect that it should come in before this date, but guess all I can do is patiently wait......


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              I guess I will readjust my mtDNA results arrival time expectations accordingly. Better to get them later but right, vs. sooner and wrong. Although, I wish I had more patience. . .

              Thanks all.