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Will upgrading a 66 of 67 marker match help?

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  • Will upgrading a 66 of 67 marker match help?

    I am lucky to have two 66 of 67 matches and both have a common surname of Jackson. One has a mismatch on marker 449. He has a value of 31 and I have 30. The other person has a mismatch with me on marker 534. He has a value of 16 and I have 17. Both of these people appear to share the same grandfather at around 6 generations, but the details on that person aren't rock solid and neither can identify the father of the potential MRCA. I upgraded to the 111 marker test when it first became available but haven't been keeping up with discussions on the subject of Y DNA matches for several months. I'm wondering if having a 1 repeat mismatch on markers 449 or 534 could indicate who I am closer related too? Secondly, if I was to upgrade one of these guys which one would be the better candidate to determine which generation our match really is? Or is that still not possible?

    Separately I created a spreadsheet of all my matches at FTDNA, 23andMe and Ancestry DNA that have ancestors for the Jackson surname. Of course many people don't do due diligence when creating their family trees so there is bound to be inaccuracies, however I was able to determine 10 people that shared the same grandfather at 9 generations and through this was able to help 2 more people who only had info through 4 generations grow to 10.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    534 and 449 have almost identical estimated mutation rates, and both are near the higher end of STR mutation rates.
    534: 8.320 mutations/1000 generations
    449: 8.380 mutations/1000 generations

    Pretty much a wash as to picking one or the other based on those.

    Are you a member of any Y-DNA projects? Project administrators can be a great help in situations like this.


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      Impressive effort!

      But I think the only way to fit these dozen+ "Jacksons" into a (hypothetical) "Jackson" Y-tree is get all to test to the same degree ... and 111 Y-STR's may not be enough.


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        Bill are you in the Jackson project?


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          Thanks for responses

          Thank you all for your comments. I am a member of the Jackson Y DNA project but my test results aren't included with the others since I don't have the Jackson surname. My close matches are part of the Unknown ZA group. I keep an eye on that.

          I probably won't upgrade either of my 66 marker matches just yet with hopes that the recent sales and reduced prices at the various companies may bring new matches soon.