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Finally Ordered the Upgrade to 111 Markers

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    Originally posted by vinnie View Post
    Just curious, but did you receive a credit on the 111 upgrade for the two markers you already ordered?
    No, but that's okay with me. Not a big deal. It was a good sale price, and I'm happy to have gotten some instant results.

    I have since been advised that when I ordered 461 and 462 back in 2007, FTDNA completed the entire panel they were in but, of course, only gave me the results for which I paid. Now that I purchased the upgrade, I'm seeing that whole panel.


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      Thanks, Stevo. I asked because I ordered 9 markers to match those tested at SMGF for my closest match there. He's since transferred here, and those markers are showing up for him in the J Project, but mine aren't.


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        Some of my 111-marker upgrade started rolling in late last night/early this morning. What's weird is that, according to my project display, all of my new markers are in except 717, 638, and 715. But according to my "myFTDNA" pages "Standard Y-STR Values" page, I only got two panels this morning, and I still have markers 68-85 and 94-102 to go.

        Has that kind of thing - a difference between what shows on your myFTDNA pages and what shows in your projects - happened to any of you before?


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          Well, now all of my new markers are in and my 111-marker upgrade is complete. I don't have any matches at 111 markers, though.