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New Completed Deep Clade Results

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  • New Completed Deep Clade Results

    FTD sent me this :
    Y-DNA haplogroup Deep Clade test results have been posted for kit

    This is probably an upgrade they did
    Because I did not order anything

    Where I see the results of it?

    Thank you

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    Message likely a "bug"

    Several people have reported where they have received a similar message yesterday. Some state it appears the message goes back to a test taken a couple of years ago, some say it appears it is a message that was supposed to have been delivered to someone else.

    It appears FTDNA has made some sort of tweak to their messaging system, which caused a large batch of messages to be sent out.

    It reminds me of stories you hear from time to time where the U.S. Postal Service delivers a letter/post card/etc. MANY years late (sometimes 50+ years!)