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Any Suprizes for Geno 2 test?

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  • Any Suprizes for Geno 2 test?

    I thought it would be interesting to see if people recived any results from the Geno 2 test that changed their subclade.
    I was L21+ DF13+ and negative for all downstream SNP's before testing and I remain there. This was determined by my project administrator afer forwarding my raw data.
    So any changes anyone?

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    There have been a couple of folks in the R1b-U106 Project who had reached a previously terminal SNP (through FTDNA) but who had been found positive for some of the new SNPs on the Geno Chip.

    For instance, CTS10893 lies below Z7.


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      There have been a couple of folks in the R1b-U106 Project
      Great! Bet they were excited..


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        I'm now J-Z1877, a SNP I had never heard of before. As of right now, it looks like that this SNP is below P58 and L862 (another SNP I was unfamiliar with which may officially replace L147), and is associated with YCAii 22-22, the most common motif for that palindrome in J1.


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          From the limitted number of samples to compare, we've found the following in the J/J2 projects(Using Isogg 2012 terminology):

          1 J2a1b*(J-m67) z467-
          1 J2a1b* z467+
          1 J2a1b3(J-l210) z467+(There's a big list, but for this example, this is the only relevant one.)
          1,J2a1b1(J-m92) z467-

          This seems to indicate(barring any errors) that at least some J2a1b* belong to a new subclade, which J2a1b3 branches off from, while J2a1b1 branches off further up the tree.