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Y-DNA matches and Haplogroups

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  • Y-DNA matches and Haplogroups

    I assumed that the closer you narrow down your terminal SNP the closer you will be to your Y-DNA matches but it doesn't seem to be the case.

    My recent Geno test shows me as R-Z306 which is part of the U106 group.
    When I search my Y-matches my closest matches are within 2-steps of 25.
    I have 21 - 2 step matches but 7 are "private".

    Two are part of the U106 group, there is one L257, and one L48.
    (I guessed the Geno test would confirm I was U106 because of these two which it did). The rest are all M-269.

    I see that a few other FTDNA people have also tested R-Z306 on Geno.
    My Question is why don't they show up on my Y-matches? if I match one L257, and one L48, I should match the 3 or 4 in my own Z306 group shouldn't I?

    I thought of the possibility that all of my Z306 matches are "private"?...
    One of them is private based on the surname match but the other 3 do not match surnames.

    Can I get an expert opinion please
    Thank you!

    I have tested 67 with ZERO matches above 25.
    I've ordered the 111 hoping that it will benefit the U106 group now, and me later.

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    There's not a one to one correspondence between being in a subclade and having close matches within the subclade. You could easily have a close or exact match at 25 markers who is P312+, which means you haven't had a common ancestor in 4,000 or more years. When you get to 37 markers, you generally will find close matches to be in the same haplogroup/subclade with you, but there may be cases where they differ on SNPs.

    It sounds like you have a few unusual marker values that are stopping you from having many matches showing up. Looking at the values for your 37 markers, I spot several (DYS385b, DYS464a, DYS464c, DYS460, DYS442) that are off-modal. I think that's why you have no matches at the 37 marker level.


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      thanks Mike