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Order Level to begin Y-37 or Y-67

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  • Order Level to begin Y-37 or Y-67

    I have ordered a Y-37 and a Family Finder (mostly because I couldn't find a selection to order Y-67 and Family Finder at the same time) - I'm assuming I could add an upgrade once they receive the kit.

    Since I'm a beginner, should I see what Y-37 results are first or should I order the Y-67 upgrade as soon as the kit arrives to save time?

    I have done years of genealogy and I'm now testing my son's male line and my mom's brother's line. I'm most interested in matches within the last 10 generations to support/correlate my genealogical findings.

    I already ordered mt-DNA on my mother and believe it would be the same for my son and uncle so I didn't order those tests for them.

    Thank you for your patience with a new learner.

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    If you are a female, then yes your son will have the same mtDNA as your mother and uncle, if male your son will have your spouses mtDNA.

    if mother and uncle share the same mother they will also share the same mtDNA


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      I would start with the 37 markers and see how many matches you get. My grandfather has zero matches at 37 or even 25 markers.